Two and three letter domain names are hot commodities. These names are short, memorable and work great as acronyms for companies, popular trends or phrases. Recent seven figures sales for, and show the attractiveness of these one of a kind domain names.

Endless Possibilities is a rare premium two letter dot com that has a multitude of uses. can represent a broad range of areas including Places as in the abbreviation for the State of Iowa, in Science signifying a type of supernova, in Technology for Intelligent Agent, in Archaeology for The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archaeology or Internal Affairs in the field of law enforcement. As an acronym, the name is perfect to represent an already existing company such as Indian Airlines, International Artists, Internet Archaeology or any business with IA as its initials.

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Two and three letter .com's are popular online due to their memorability and ease of use. Think vs. These names also do well in the search engines as completion is usually low because they seldom represent English words and are easy to optimize for during website development.